Friday, November 20, 2009

911 - SOS -- Dot - Dash - HELP

Is anyone out there?
If I could find the "panic button," believe me, I would have pressed it last night and again today! Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
Last night, I spent over an hour trying to publish my post.
I kept getting error messages.
Something to do with text.
Last night, I used colored text and I attempted to insert two links to Shari's blogs.
I had disastrous results and the same thing is happening again tonight.
A year ago, I didn't encounter one problem. These past few days have been filled with tearing my hair out moments. I'm shrieking in distress. I'm not having fun and if I'm not having fun, then you aren't having any fun either because I'm pouting! Would someone PLEASE tell me how to insert a link in a post? My method, the one I use on AOL, is wreaking havoc with this format. :(
Last night I tried to insert "off to bed" photos, but "Blogger" wouldn't hear of it.
I think the glitch witch followed me here.
ANY tips would be welcomed.
I just want to create a nice place for you to visit and I'm a terrible hostess because I've been WAILLLLLLLLLLLLLING all evening and my makeup is running and I can't share the things I've created for this blog.
"Help," she said.
I'm off to bed because I heard, somewhere, that "things" always look better in the morning.
OH! Today's clue is ..."Boxed."

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello, Hello, Hello!

What happened? Did I fall asleep? I was telling you about ... . Where was I? ::thinking:: I can't remember. I feel like Rip Van Winkle. No, Ms. Rip Van Wrinkle. Oooh, I must have laid my face on the keyboard -- for one hundred years. Horrors! There's an impression on my cheek. I hope it's not permanent. It spells, lkjhg. Is that Swedish for "Sleeping Beauty?" I don't think so. :)~ I love fairy tales, by the way. "Alice in Wonderland" is my all time favorite. I read it every year.

Muah to Shari. If it weren't for Shari, I'd still be sleeping. Shari is truly my inspiration. I don't know how I found her but I'm tickled pink that I did. Thank you Shari for typing the magic words that woke me from my boredom, ummm, slumber. I admire Shari so much! In the short time thatI've known her, through her blog's
Red Lipstick Style and Lavendar Cupcake Home, I'm in awe. She's beautiful, elegant, intelligent and has the best sense of fun! Above all she is kind.

I started blogging around Christmas of 2008, and I quit on New Years Eve. I don't know why I stopped blogging because I never stop talking. There's always something going on -- something I need to share. Maybe I had one too many glasses of champagne on New Years Eve. Everything is still a bit fuzzy. Fuzzy. I adore bears! Fuzzy Wuzzie. You will SOON find out what it's like to be me. I'm nuts! How do I go from fuzzy to bears in 0-10 seconds? When I hear the word fuzzy, it rings a bell...somewhere in my mind. Then I immediately say the word, "awwww"...even though an image has yet to be formed in my mind. No, I'm not thinking about my dentist! A few seconds image of a bear appears in my mind. Fuzzy Wuzzie wasn't very fuzzy, was he? I'm sure he comes with a lint trap!

Also, I have a bad a habit of switching gears in mid sentence. By the end of the first paragraph you will be very dizzy!

I must warn you, when I start rhyming sentences, you know I'm beyond tired. That can be annoying, even to the people that love me. I turn into Mother Goose and instead of waddling off to bed, I tell another tale.

I never shared the link to my blog, because I typed only three entries and there needed to be more...much more.

A month or so ago, I found my way back to my blog. FINALLY. I was shocked, and pleased, to see I had a follower. A cowboy! Tim, how long have you been here? I do apologize for not entertaining you or offering you something to drink, or something to lasso.

All I know, is...I'm back. Hello! I have no idea where this blog is headed, but I have committed myself to update it EVERY day; especially from November 20 through the 26th. During this period, there may be days where I'll post several times a day. Thereafter, there will be days when I will be rushed and I may only have time to share a recipe or a joke, but I will be here. Oh, no, look. Shari is on the floor! I bet she's shocked that I'm here at all! I'm only two weeks late. I do apologize, Shari. The first week, I just didn't have time to get a something ready. The second week, my PC was visited by the glitch witch -- I think it was my sister, the "Evil Queen" but who knows for sure? All brooms look alike to me!

I do have a vision of what I want my blog to be. I want it to be filled with decorating tips, photos, fashion, recipes, cooking tips, short cuts and above all fun! I will share a story or two. :) I DO apologize for tonights post. I'm not used to this and I'm unsure how to change things. Tomorrow I will have photos, links and well, you'll just have to come back tomorrow to see what's new. :)

Guess what? At the end of my weekly reign, I'm having a giveaway. This is the way it will work. Next Thursday, ooooh Thanksgiving Day...what a PERFECT day for a giveaway. OMG! I'm rhyming sentences and I'm not's just past noon. Past noon? Can I have a drink now? NO! I don't drink! If Shirley Temple's are considered "drinks," than I do drink. I heard somewhere that one doesn't drink before noon. Maybe that's only true of ladies. :) Anyway, back to the giveaway. If you leave a comment, on Thanksgiving Day, I will enter you once. If you link back to my page, I'll enter you twice. If you can guess what I'm giving away, by Wednesday, November 25th, 10 o'clock PM Arizona time, I will enter you three times! Yes, EVERY day I will give you a clue. Today's clue? "Pink."

Let me leave you with a smile. Once a week, on "The View," Barbara Walters shares the "Joke of the Week." This week I thought the joke was cute, so I'm eager to share it with you -- especially those of you who missed this particular episode of "The View." Now don't quote me because I'm prone to "confuse" things. :)~ I hope I get it right. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. :) Now close your eyes and imagine the voice of Barabara Walters...

"An elderly man was about to celebrate his 90th birthday and his children wanted to make it special for him. They sent him to Miami and put him up in a lavish hotel room.
At 7 o'clock, there was a knock on the door. The man answered, and there standing before him was a beautiful young woman wit a big smile on her face. The man said, "What do you wanText Colort?" The woman said, I'm here to give you super sex! The man said, "What?" She repeated the words, "Super sex!" The man thought about it for a while and finally said, "I think I'll have the soup!"

I'll be back tomorrow and show you what I'm wearing for Thanksgiving. I will also share my menu, some recipes, and a few time saving tips!

For now, sweet dreams and to all a good night!

Oooooh, the clock will soon strike midnight, on the east coast, so I made it just in time...wearing TWO glass slippers!